11 Nov 2008

Return to innocence

the first time you ever touched me made me return to times when I was innocent, times when we loved at a distance, just looking, not even daring to touch hands.

and there we were, you could not even look into my eyes, i could not look into your's, or we would loose it all.
innocently playing like teenagers who discover a new feeling, a new sentation.
and so it was, after all, deep inside, we are all just innocent passengers in this universe.
and there we were, knowing that if we ever touched once more we would never again be parted.

tile and music inspiration stolen from Bartolomeu


mfc said...

Somo sempre inocentes, mesmo quando pensamos que o não somos.

Toze said...

A inocência !

Ai a inocência, é a crise dos quarenta Silence, todos lá queremos voltar :)))

Silence said...

Eu tenho 120. Sempre inocente.